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African Student Union

The African Students Union

The African Students Union at UC Merced was established to provide and foster the awareness and appreciation of the various cultures of the African continent.

Mission Statement: African Students' Union fosters political awareness, cultural awareness, social tolerance, and promote academic success. This organization stems to promote cultural diversity on campus by way of bringing exposure to the African culture.

Events: Bi-weekly General Body Meetings: Club members meet every two weeks to catch up, learn and teach each other about our different cultures. We also update members on African news and the happenings of the club and the black community on campus.

Fall Retreat: It’s an educational, social, two-day, one-night event. It consists of ASU taking some of their members to different African centered educational venues. The goal of this event is to teach ASU’s members more about African and black culture. In past years, we have achieved this by attending museums that are focused on the African and black culture and tell the black narrative in America.

Culture show: The annual culture show is ASU’s largest event every single year. It is a night that everyone looks forward to year after year. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication from the E-board and all of the members to put on the Culture show. It is filled with performances, fashion shows, skits, and much more. At the culture show, we try our best to depict as many cultures as we can from mainly Africa, but also from all over the world. It takes place second semester during Black History Month, and everyone is encouraged to participate, as well as invited to watch the show.

Nigerian Student Coalition Conference (NSCC): NSCC is a two-night, three-day event hosted by different schools every year to celebrate and bring light to the Nigerian / African culture. It involves different workshops, speakers of African descent who have had different successes in college, bonding events, and much more. It is a great event for making connections with people from other schools. While it is the Nigerian Student Coalition Conference, you do not have to be Nigerian or even African to attend.

Social Media: Twitter: @ASUUCMerced | Instagram: @asuucmerced