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Black Faculty & Staff

Black Faculty and Staff Directory:


Associate Dean, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities  Contact:        (209) 228-7881   Brown, Kourtney Police Officer                        209-228-2677   Earnest Spiller

Competitive Sports Coordinator/Recreation and Athletics Department   209-228-4133


Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts          Contact: (209) 228-4007

  Parks, Tawana Director of Student Involvement              (209) 228-3402   Ashley Summerset

Game Operations Manager, Recreation & Athletics 209.228.4755


Executive Assistant, Graduate Studies (209) 228-2248

  Fisher, Lorene Coordinator, Social Justice Initiatives   Timothy Ford

Admissions Advisor-Bay Area/Office of Admissions

Harris, Mark Lecturer, School of SocialSciences, Humanities and Arts (209) 228-3035   Matos, Dania Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer/   Kelli Cato

Executive Assistant/Medical Education   (559) 313-8205

Harris, Mari Special Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management                               (916) 267-8283   Ndubuisi, Chioma Director, Project Management Office, Information Technology.  Contact:   Amanda Brown

Compliance Manager, Office of the Registrar Contact:  209-228-7641

Hatton, Nigel AssociateProfessor, EnglishSchool of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art                                             (209) 228-4384   Martin, Maria Assistant Professor, History   Kris Greene

Enrollment Services Advisor, Operations Manager - Students First Center  209-228-4783

Harvey, Christie Accountant, Student Business Services (209) 228-4116   Hale, Tomiko Director,Graduate Student Support Services  Contact:            (209) 228-4586
Jackson, John Director of Operations, Chief of Staff, Office of Research and Economic Development           (209) 228-4624   Hankston, Tamika Department Specialist SupervisorSchool of Engineering.          Contact: (209) 228-4024
LaTia Winfrey Operations Specialist, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships   Dai’Re, Danielle Research Compliance AnalystOffice of    Research and Economic Development    Contact:              (209) 228-4805
Motton, Deborah Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Research Compliance & Integrity                                     (209) 383-8655   Dai’Re, Ramona Educational Facilities Planner Design and Construction Management                Contact:                (209) 777-8248
Pirtle,WhitneyLaster Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts                                           (209) 228-7742   Antoine,Rebeca Lecturer, Merritt Writing Program            Contact:
Reed, Martin Assistant Vice Chancellor,Student Life& Residence Education,   McGuire, Kisha Fiat Lux Coordinator                                Contact: (209) 228-4583
Evora, Jessica Associate Director, Margo Souza Student Leadership Center    Contact: (209) 228-3443   Berhe, Asmeret Professor, Life & Environmental Sciences                                  Contact:
Riley, Donovan Residence Education Coordinator    Contact:   Ghezzehei, Teamrat Life & Environmental Sciences              Contact:  (510) 681-3550
Cope, Jason Police Officer                            209-228-2677   Grady,Jonathan Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students                      Contact:          (209) 228-4482