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Black Student Union


Mission Statement

BSU exists to enhance political awareness, social tolerance, and academic success for the University of California, Merced students. In addition, BSU fosters a connection between students and the local community. BSU is a core organization, composed of the African Black Coalition, an entity made up of African/Black-identified organizations within the University of California system. Members of the Black Student Union at UC Merced are established to provide and foster awareness and appreciation of African-American culture and history.

Annual Events

  • Welcome Black BBQ: This event welcomes incoming students and members into our communities as they regain connection and communication skills. This event allows for our past members to interact with our possible new members with community building exercises and group activities. This is also an opportunity to introduce our new e-board members to our new members.
  • ABC Conference: The Afrikan Black Coalition is a California statewide organization that serves Afrikan/Black people in Leadership, Political, and Community Development to improve the global conditions of our communities. We provide member-campuses with year-round service and provide consistent community service events. Workshops are designed to expose delegates to experts, resources, information, and skills that can assist them in their leadership development and service to the Black community. This event is important to teach students to be active participants in their liberation which means being in and with the community. Attendees will leave the conference equipped to be able to apply these concepts to their own areas of residence in order to contribute to the global revolution of Black organization and advancement. The ABC Conference is an annual experience that unifies Afrikan/Black students throughout the state of California and provides the opportunity for students to serve, network, learn political ideologies, discuss and resolve issues, and gain tangible skills to help them become better leaders.
  • Black Ball: This is to award outstanding members for their dedication in the organization. By allowing our members to network with potential doctors, engineers, and lawyers, this event also helps our members gain an understanding for any questions they have based on their potential career.

Social Media

Instagram: ucmercedbsu

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